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Team Abby’s Army’s 27 riders raised over $41,000, bringing our three year total to more than $130,000! Obliteride 2018 is scheduled for August 10-12, 2018.

Want to be a part of Team Abby’s Army? Set an intention to ride, recruit and raise important funds for cancer research by filling out this form and we’ll be in touch as we begin to get our 2018 campaign under way!



Register and Donate today for Team Abby’s Army. Read more about this year’s goals in Justin’s post, When Despair Turns to Hope and Hope Turns to Change and create your own intention and goals.


Team Abby’s Army officially raised over $80,000 contributing to over $2,400,000 in cancer research funding for Fred Hutch in 2016. Complete videos and photos here.

King 5 Obliteride Coverage, including video interview with team captain, Justin Calvo

Obliteride news statement including segments from Justin’s Abby’s Army speech

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